About me


I began my career in the New Orleans carnival industry in 1999.  Upon the recommendation of a friend, I took a job carving Mardi Gras props for various Krewes.  It was my first introduction this creative environment and from the moment I began sculpting my first piece, I was hooked.  Unfortunately, having studied Business Administration and Economics in school, I was woefully  uneducated in the discipline and it’s many technical challenges. I spent years studying anatomy texts and learning everything I could about the technical foundations of sculpture, from armature construction and mold making, to various sculpting mediums. 

Working as a commercial sculptor has not only informed my personal work, but has been an invaluable education. Over the past 16 years, I have taught figurative sculpture and done a variety of private and public commissions, including a relief for the New Orleans Farmers’ Market in 2009. I currently work as a sculptor in the movie industry and show at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.